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Monetary Donations

Please send checks to our mailing address below or donate online via Paypal (as a 501c3 all monetary donations are tax deductible).

Castawide Inc

P O Box 100794

Denver, CO 80250

Donating Money

Donations of Stock, Real Estate, Personal Property, and other Complex Assets

Please contact us directly if you wish to make a non-monetary donation such as stock, real estate, personal property or other complex assets (as a 501c3 most donations are tax deductible).

One Coin

Cyrpto Donations

Yup, Castawide is living in the year 3021 and we accept crypto donations. Donate directly to @castawide on our Coinbase Wallet or to the addresses below.

Ethereum: 0x0B67678a05B2642cb7C3D02cc8479383E71e5c24

Bitcoin: bc1qx88c6068rjcmv0n95vfhczxv54pv40u5mshj6c

Cardano/ADA: addr1qx4yg2y2gx7kwl2w74x6vz6fzcattaf2ag8x9skagclud80nm50zv39x6ttrzykxnsx4y3xhyqf5c0s6gq5vj85gewnshw7d0u

Dogecoin: DAi4m46xQFg6i1PubZ5boBAczkZLvRCdgq

*Please email us after any donation to ensure you receive a receipt (for tax deduction purposes).

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