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a campaign for pollinators

Pollinators are in peril! According to the Center for Biological Diversity, more than half of North America’s 4,000 native bee species are in decline, with 1 in 4 species at risk of extinction. That's real bad news as bees are essential to the health of countless ecosystems and pollination accounts for approximately 33% of the food we eat.

Thanks to our generous donors we are able to support The Bee Conservancy and the Karma Honey Project.

Together we can #savethebees and save the world!

URGENT ALERT: Pesticides like RoundUp hurt not only pollinators, but can also pose a risk to humans and animals alike. Please take the time to familiarize yourself about the dangers that that these pesticides pose and learn about safe RoundUp Alternatives.

WE LOVE BEES: Our Causes
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